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Why Procrastinating On Pinterest Is My Healthy Addiction?

Why Procrastinating on Pinterest is my Healthy Addiction?

Pinterest: What girl doesn’t have a secret DIY or wedding dress Pinterest board. I often spend my evenings on the couch secretly pinning away while my husband commandeer’s the TV remote? Surely, I’m not alone here? I have quite a diverse range of secret board genre’s from ethnic textiles, to food, to you guessed it! DIY furniture. Most of these splendid pins will remain fictional desires, but at least if I won the lotto I would know what items to start with. It’s a feeling akin to that of a fashion designer as their latest collection finally hits the runway, except I did not do any of the hard work at the forefront I just pinned it all together into cryptically worded boards like ‘Jumanji’ and ‘Bonita Babes’.

I joined in with the Pinterest movement back in in 2009 when membership still required an invitation. Since then, it has become an encyclopedia for everything visual in my life including weddings, homewares and even camping storage solutions. In my previous job life in textile design, it was my lifeline. As my core research tool for new florals, colourways and print inspirations it often came in handy as a great mood board creator for new seasons and palettes. While previously I only had access to retro floral elements in worn-out textbooks I now had an endless supply of inspiration to feed my creativity. The more I pinned, the more I wanted to buy things. It was a dangerously expensive addiction and I would search high and low (on Pinterest and Google) till I found the brand name of the original damn image.

So, I bet you’re all thinking ‘So, how does this make you more creative?’ if anything it should make me lazy, right? Lost and procrastinating in the Pinterest rabbit-hole of dreams. Well, this is why Pinterest can be a healthy addiction. As a creative, it is often easy to get stuck in your own head on a concept. Especially if you are a solopreneur/freelancer, alone in your PJ’s drinking cold tea. It feels like there is no way over, under or around that stubborn roadblock, so you temporarily abandon ship to get some fresh air (and sulk). Your confidence can take a pretty big hit at times of ‘creative block’ leaving you thinking whoever hired you must’ve been high at the time. It is here at my lowest that I turn to my loyal friend, Pinterest… always got my back. So I head over to my boards filled with some of the awesomeness that I have previously stumbled across and repinned. Perhaps there’s some gold in there that I may have overlooked? Or maybe it will trigger some profound new concept? If all else fails I know that rolling through my feed will be the perfect distraction to re-invigorate my creative flow. Sometimes you just need to take a break to escape the inevitable pitfalls of a creative doubt. The kind that drops in uninvited every so often just to say G’day. So that’s it for me and while it seems like Pinterest can be a huge timewaster (and it can be), it can also help you when you run low on creative fuel.

Happy Pinning!



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PS. Always remember to borrow, not steal imagery and if you do borrow/pin just remember to give credit, where credit’s due.

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