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11 Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog In 2018

11 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog in 2018

Here are a few good reasons why starting a blog will help you creatively, stimulate your mind and in general make you more efficient at creating a more healthy work-life balance.

1. You will never stop learning

  • If you think you will be able to sit down and bang out 500 words in one hit, then you will get the equivalent response that I received back in high school, a C minus. Just enough to scrape by and not fail. If you want to get that A+ response to your blog, then you need to do your research. From this you will learn, your mind will start ticking and you will be driven to write the best damn blog post on your topic, so others can learn from your new-found knowledge. People don’t want to hear about just your opinion, they want to learn also about how you got there, who gave you valuable information and if you have done your homework, then they will learn from your knowledge. Kind of like a pay it forward scheme for the mind.
  • Additionally, you will also learn so much more about the inner workings of the world wide web. If you are competitive by nature, then you soon figure out that understanding the meaning of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is super important and optimising your blog is essential. If your blog sounds more like an infomercial than an informative conversation, then in layman’s terms Google may find you boring and move on to more relevant and interesting blogs. So, learn the voice that works for you and your audience. and be relevant.

2. You will find out what who your audience is?

  • You will learn from your experiences and develop a third eye for what is meaningful to your audience. You may write a blog on something that receives many more comments, emails and general hype than others and once you realise why that particular post has piqued the interest of your audience, you will be compelled to create more meaningful content for your audience.

3. You will create new habits:

  • To write a single blog post will require you to have at least a minimal structured process for what you are trying to achieve. Otherwise, you will end up sitting at your computer longer than required with a blank page and a blank mind. This writer’s block can be super un-motivating, and you will lose interest quickly. You don’t go into a job interview without knowing what the company sells, so why would you sit down and try to write a blog without at least a skeleton version of your topic.
  • Once you realise how to be more efficient once you sit down at your desk, this will save you valuable time that you can spend doing other things, like researching your next blog post or hanging out with your kids. Your plan could be just piece of scrap paper with a bunch of scribbles about possible headlines, rough key points for reworking, or reference notes from credible research sources.
  • Take the time to write out your plan and as you continue to develop your skills you will create new habits for your process, which will in-turn make you a more efficient writer. I listened to a recent podcast of Dustin Lee interviewing Dina Rodriguez, and one of the books she recommended was “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg. I have just started listening to the audible version of the book and I will come back to you once I have finished, but what really piqued my interest from this The mind is a powerful thing and Dina spoke about her daily processes for when to enjoy life and when to dedicate time to her work and when she sits down to write, she focuses completely on the task she has set out to do, no emails, no Instagram or Pinterest, just writing.

4. You will make new friends:

  • Whether it be other blogger’s from around the world, loyal followers or just drop-in readers, you will soon realise that whilst sitting at your computer, surrounded by four white walls (or beige in my case) people will want to connect with you, for a variety of reasons. This could open up loads of opportunities for you both personal and professional, so keep this in mind when you’re staring out your window wondering when you can go out and play.

5. It’s a stress release:

  • If your mind works like mine does, then you will be thinking of 1000 things at once, which makes it impossible to concentrate on one thing. But to complete something from start to finish requires dedication, a clear mind and a strong direction or plan. This is why typing or scribbling out all of your thoughts can be a huge weight off your shoulders. All of these thoughts and ideas flowing out onto your screen paper could be the inspiration you need to cure your writer’s block tomorrow or even just to vent your thought’s or feelings about something you may be passionate about today but have lost the fire about tomorrow. Download your thoughts and free your mind to focus on one thing and finish it.

6. Endorphin’s – Dr Feel-Good:

  • The sense of completion and achievement you will feel once you hit ‘publish’ on your post will only be matched by the excitement of people reading and engaging with your post.

7. You will be happier:

  • There are valuable lessons to learn from writing a blog. As mentioned before, the process is just as important as the end result and all of the endorphins coupled with the sense of accomplishment can be achieved in hitting that button. I know it because I feel it! Not only am I providing valuable content for my reader’s, I am learning new things every day.

8. Challenge yourself:

  • Step outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself each and every week. For example, find 5 new topics weekly and outline the structure, or finish 3 new blog posts by Friday. Whilst working on your own schedule is liberating, it is also helpful to have milestones to hit

9. Confront your Fears:

  • Ever felt like you just aren’t creative enough to be a writer? Just write down your thoughts and get someone to have a read through it. I bet you will soon realise you ARE good enough, especially when you are passionate about something. So, find your voice and confront your fears!

10. Develop your personal and professional brand:

  • Your blog will become your online community and if the personality of your brand is felt throughout your writing, then people will become familiar with your style of voice and look forward to your next blog post.

11. Become an expert in your niche:

  • Everybody starts at the beginning of something, so what makes you any different. Like any artist, the more they continue to practice their art, the better they become at delivering the message. Learn from others, use helpful tools, read as much as possible and become an expert in your niche, so that you too can teach others.

Please leave a comment if you have any thoughts, questions or feedback!

VA x

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