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About Us

The Digital Artisan is a small digital marketing agency with a team of collaborators onside for a variety of additional services such as copywriting and photography. We provide creative digital solutions for brands and businesses that require additional support in areas such as Graphic Design, Website Design, Shopify, Google Marketing, SEO, Social Media and much more.

Starting a business often means long hours and running on a lite budget, with efficiency and with growth comes expansion into new, often unfamiliar areas of the business. While you may not be ready just yet to take on full-time recruits, you may have design or marketing stuff you need help with. If this sounds familiar then shoot us an email to touch base or give us a call for a chat.

It is super important to be in the right place, at the right time and in a virtual world, this can happen while you sleep, for example, late night shopper’s, procrastinator’s, busy families, all of these customer’s need services and products just like yours, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be everywhere at once. Just in the right places that your customers will go searching.

Read more about some of the services we offer here.


We can help source products for your e-commerce business, set up your online shop with branding design, product photography/editing, email marketing, social media integration and SEO friendly product descriptions and website content.

Website Design

Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix or Shopify? It’s our job to know which platform is right for your business. We can assist with everything from image sourcing, web design, website copywriting, SEO, Google Analytics and more.

Social Media

Working your way through social media can be time-consuming, but is extremely relevant for most modern businesses to be on top of. We can set up your profiles, build you a content strategy for ongoing success, create and deliver social posts and manage your profiles inline with your branding.

Digital Advertising

Find the people that are looking for your business. Digital Advertising is important for the growth of your business. Find new customers with digital advertising across Google, Facebook, Instagram and more. We can build a strategy that’s right for your business and execute your ads for success.

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